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      NDRC: the six major electricity reform supporting documents have been submitted for the approval of the oil and gas project
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      Experts say the introduction of the multi-dielectric pilot scheme is expected to gradually break the monopoly position of the power grid, drive the industry upgrading, and bring opportunities to more enterprises

      Shen Ming, a reporter for this newspaper

      "Securities journal" reporter learns 12, the national development and reform commission, director ZhengYanShi news spokesman said ShiZiHai, distribution electricity price reform and electricity market construction, electricity trading institutions establish and standardize operations, orderly development utilization plan and sell electricity reform, strengthen supervision and management and standardize the self-provided power plant of coal and other six supporting file is currently in the approval stage, for the printing as soon as possible. At the same time, the national development and reform commission is working with state grid corporation, southern power grid corporation and power generation group to establish the Beijing power exchange center and guangzhou power trading center.

      He made the remarks at the second scheduled news conference of the national development and reform commission on the same day.

      He also introduced other new initiatives on the reform of power systems in the country's development and reform commission. Since "the central committee of the communist party of China, the state council on further deepening the reform of electric power system of several opinions issued by march, the national development and reform commission and national energy administration launched the electric power system reform plan to carry out the work. In April, the pilot projects of anhui, hubei, ningxia, yunnan and guizhou were further introduced on the basis of the pilot projects in shenzhen and Inner Mongolia. In addition, the pilot scheme of provincial comprehensive pilot reform and the sale of electric side reform has been recently guided, and comprehensive pilot projects are being carried out in yunnan and guizhou provinces.

      And in terms of support for the given clean energy, in March, the national development and reform commission issued "about improving the electric power operation regulation to promote clean energy multiple ManFa guidance", in "about orderly development utilization plan implementation opinion" is put in the design the first power generation system, is now in the organization of gansu, Inner Mongolia to develop renewable energy given to the nearest pilot work.

      CDB securities, securities investment, executive director of Wu Qi in an interview with "securities journal" reporter, said more electricity reform package, is expected to gradually break the monopoly of power grid position, in order to let go of the social capital to sell the business, will improve the efficiency of power grid operation, thus promote the industrial upgrading, to bring more business opportunities.

      Shizi hai also said in the press conference that since October, 19 key reform tasks assigned by the central government have made new progress. The overall plan of promoting price mechanism reform, implementing market access negative list system and promoting comprehensive innovation reform in some regional systems has been officially issued. The opinions on the development and opening of several policy measures for the development of key areas along the border will soon be issued. The oil and gas system reform programme has been sent to relevant departments, local people's governments, relevant enterprises and industry associations to solicit opinions, and entrusted relevant units to evaluate the reform plan.

      State-owned enterprises reform, on October 26, the national development and reform commission and ministry of finance, human resources and social security, state-owned assets supervision and administration commission jointly issued "about encourage and regulate the state-owned enterprise investment project introduction of non-state capital guidance", broaden areas of cooperation, improve the investment way, standardized decision-making process and the system mechanism, optimize the development environment, etc., introduction of investment projects of state-owned enterprise non-state-owned capital, encouraging policies and regulatory requirements are put forward.

      According to wu qi, the contents of this conference can be seen that reform, such as soe reform, power system reform, forestry system reform, etc. People's livelihood should accelerate efforts to alleviate poverty. The construction of the basic system, such as the construction of social credit system, is highly concerned by all parties. She believes that in the reform of state-owned enterprises, each enterprise has its own different ecological environment. As the reform deepens, it will be dominated by individual cases. In terms of the reform of forestry system, the integrity will be stronger, but since the details have not been released, it is not very good to comment on, but the individual does not think it will be divorced from the direction of market-oriented reform.

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