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      Liaoning eternity industrial co., LTD. Foreign investment to set up a holding subsidiary
      Source: | Author:yongheng | Publish time: 2017-05-18 | 923 Views | Share:

      Liaoning eternityl industrial co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "eternal shares") and natural person zhang qingxin jointly set up a holding subsidiary on May 18, 2017. Company name: yingkou permanent special asphalt co. LTD. The registered capital of the company is RMB 20 million yuan, of which the permanent shares will contribute 19.4 million yuan, accounting for 97% of the registered capital. Zhang qingxin contributed 600,000 yuan, accounting for 3% of the registered capital.
      Company business scope: highway with natural special special asphalt asphalt, refractory material, waterproof material natural additive in special asphalt, asphalt and asphalt evolutionary research and development, production, products and raw materials do not contain dangerous chemicals), marketing; Warehousing services (except hazardous chemicals); Petroleum chemical technology consulting services; Engaged in goods and technology import and export. (a project subject to approval in accordance with the law may carry out operational activities after approval by relevant departments).
      This investment will set up a holding subsidiary, which will expand the parent company's business to the upstream production chain of the industrial chain, and make the existing asphalt storage area assets to be used to further enhance the overall profitability of the company.