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      Natural gas

      ?Yingkou road and gas mother station, there are 3 gas compressors, 4 vehicles with air gun and 4 special gas columns, with a daily air supply capacity of 150,000 cubic meters. With sufficient air source protection, air quality and sufficient strength. Gas measured after filter to remove impurities into the meter, and then into the buffer tank, after being regulated into the booster compressor unit to 25 mpa, pressurized gas dehydration processing into the drying tower and the gas through a sequential control plate of gas into the gas storage well group or directly through plus qi activity to CNG vehicles and gas.

      One, CNG automotive advantages

      1. Cheap fuel; 2. Small exhaust pollution; 3. Low loss of carbon and vehicle parts; 4. Safe and reliable; 5. Simple vehicle modification; 6. Smooth operation of vehicles.

      2. Advantages of LNG automobile

      1. Cost saving

      The use of LNG can greatly reduce the cost of fuel consumption, thereby greatly increasing the profit of the vehicle operating enterprises.

      2. Reduce waste gas

      Using cleaner LNG as a vehicle fuel will significantly reduce automobile exhaust emissions and generate favorable social and environmental protection benefits. In accordance with the information provided by BP China carbon calculator, each LNG car than gasoline and diesel vehicles can reduce CO2 emissions, about 60 tons a year, such as calculated according to 8 years lifespan, can reduce CO2 emissions of about 480 tons per car.

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