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      My company set asphalt storage, sale, transport, is cnooc bitumen 36-1 brand agents, products are widely used in the three provinces in northeast China, Inner Mongolia, tianjin, hebei and other places of road construction, product indicators can meet the domestic current technical specification requirements of highway and deep level highway construction units and construction units.

      Our company has a storage capacity of 100,000 tons and a total of 15 tanks: 7, 000 tons of storage capacity, 14 of them, 3, 000 tons of storage capacity. Tank internal energy saving effect good heating areas and drainage method, and can be tank instrumentation control well outside the heating temperature of asphalt and oil products and quantity of heat, effectively avoid the traditional heating method leads to uneven heating, heating, excess heat and other issues. A cooperative business of leasing, canisters, or other forms of oil (fuel oil, lubricants, residuals).


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