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      Liaoning eternity  industrial co., LTD., formerly known as yingkou eternal industrial co., LTD., was established in May 2009 and changed into a joint stock limited company in March 2015. Located in the "magnesium capital of the world" known as the yingkou big stone bridge city, the company is next to the high iron, the plate-iron "yingkou east station"; Shenyang high speed, pan haiying expressway "yingkou, tai shi qiao station"; It is only 20 minutes from yingkou lanqi airport. The area of the company is the important fulcrum of the development strategy of the bohai economic belt in liaoning province, which has been included in the key planning of the national rejuvenation of the old industrial base in northeast China.

      At the beginning of the company's establishment, the main business is the production of asphalt storage, sales and transportation, and the agent sells the oil and road construction project of cnooc sz36-1. The company has a 100,000 tons of asphalt storage base, exclusive to the liaoning zhuang highway, yingkou lanqi airport, yingkou bohai street construction road asphalt; At the same time, products are widely used in the three provinces in northeast China, Inner Mongolia, shanxi, hebei and other places of road construction, in the industry with strong market competitiveness, in northeast China is the largest supplier of bitumen, product control indicators, can satisfy completely the requirements of the current domestic highway technical specifications. Deep trunk highway, highway construction unit, construction unit recognition.

      Since 2013, the company has been involved in natural gas sales. In 2014, we invested in the construction of a CNG gas mother station and gas station in front of dashi bridge. Daily sales of gas about 150,000 cubic meters of CNG; Add more than 8,000 cubic meters of LNG to the taxi every day.

      On July 23, 2015, the company officially approved the listing of the new three boards, which provided the institutional guarantee for the standardization of the management of the company and the business operation of the company to meet the requirements of modern enterprise management. It also provides a solid foundation for the rapid development and financing of the company.

      Company with "dedicated to clean energy, create green industry, grace staff, service society" for the purpose, adhere to the specification, transparent, efficient, safe, legal compliance management, constantly open up new markets, to ensure the sustainable and rapid development of enterprises. Company has formed a high efficient, pragmatic, unity, innovation, high quality management and technical team, the leadership has a new development concept and the method of application of advanced management tools and abilities, in creating economic benefits at the same time, to two or morethings enterprise social benefits, more willing to bear the social responsibility, to shape good social image, developing leading enterprises to better! ???